Kris McIntyre

Windsor, New South Wales, Australia

Kris is a Hawkesbury local who has been performing and honing his craft for nearly half of his life. Growing up in a musical family, he was exposed to performance at a very young age, starting out in primary school. By mid high school, he graduated to guitar and discovered his voice.

Now in his late teens, Kris combines guitar with a dynamic vocal style that ranges from subtlety haunting verses to powerful, full voice choruses that seem to draw people towards him every time he performs.

He has reached the finals of the Hills Are Alive, the Hills Got Talent and So You Think You Can Sing Parramatta competitions and was placed in the top 100 performers for The Voice 2013.

Kris is a talented songwriter and has a passion for delivering vibrant songs that blend creative melodies with meaningful lyrics that tell parts of his story to date; a story full of love, lessons, hurt and visions for a future that is only just beginning.


Instagram: @krismcintyremusic94